Monday, November 5, 2012

MongoDB and Cassandra makes up top 10 in DB-Engine ranking list

NoSQL Data stores, MongoDB and Cassandra adoption is gaining rapidly and it is obvious from DB Engine ranking site. Recently these two NoSQL data stores made an entry to top 10 database list where as HBase and CouchDB stand at no 14 and 15 respectively.

DB-Engines rank site has updated and added many new databases in to its list. The DB-Engine ranking is one of the interesting use cases for populating data from social networks and use of big data to understand the trend patterns.

DB-Engine uses various popular social sites to acquire and understand data. They collect data from search engines, Google trends, Stack overflow, Indeed job portal and Linkedin. Most importantly, DB-Engine rank does not depend on the technical details or the underlined database architecture and transactions per milliseconds which are typically measured in TPC rating (

However this re-enforces that, NoSQL databases are getting used in many projects and gaining lot of traction. However the popularity index value has a wide distance between Relational databases compared to NoSQL databases. In case of MySQL the index value 1273 and in case MongoDB it is 101( and order of 10). As the transactional systems installation base is very high for many many years compared to NoSQL data stores. So number of discussions and more number of search results would be resulted. This could be one of the main reason. 

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