Thursday, March 26, 2009

Agile data integration using data mashups

The data integration is one of the key driver for companies to stay competitiveness. In today’s economic conditions it is much more imperative and explains the basics of the survival of fittest and adaption is the key.  Top executives use BI in order to bridge the gaps between data and knowledge exists inside their organization so that they can take proactive decisions and hence remain more competitive.

Today’s enterprise contains data in varied form and it is one of the biggest challenge for the companies to integrate and aggregate them to make meaningful decisions. Most of the time not more than 20 to 30% of data is  available for decision making. One of the way this can be addressed using data mashups.

In simple term data mashup is nothing but allowing data to be integrated and transformed from multiple sources with in an enterprise without any custom coding and understanding more complex underlined mechanism. This allows anyone to create a simple data integration using these mashup tools and remove the understanding of underline technology. This is one of the best fit for web 3.0 projects.  

For example Aptar data mashup tool allows users to pull data from different sources without any coding and more simples means. I personally like this as it allows business users can simply use drag and drop to create their prebuilt data sources and start integrating data. Any user without much knowledge about data integration can drive a data integration project. These tools can really help bridge the gap between so called “data integration project” which used to take multiyear now can be reduced to few days or weeks. However in the context of enterprise these tools still might need some time to show the real action. But the data mashups provide a way forward in agile integration.


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